Our Services

Mission Statement

Novo Behavioral Services seeks to improve the quality of life of persons in need of behavioral services through the implementation of programs rooted in the science of behavior analysis through a team approach including behavioral professionals as well as parents and other natural caregivers.

Thank you to BSTN, Inc. for truly implementing services which achieve their mission and from which has inspired ours.


When your child receives a diagnosis from their pediatrician, they may refer you for ABA Therapy (Applied Behavior Analysis).  Referrals can be faxed to 888-975-0599 or sent by mail/delivered in-person.  The doctor's order MUST include the following:

  • Date of Order

  • Child Name, Date of Birth, & ID number

  • Child Diagnosis: ICD-10 Code/Description (ex. F84.0 Autism)

  • Doctor's Name, NPI number, and Signature

  • Documentation of Challenging Behavior (doctors office notes, previous evaluation/assessment, or parent written statement indicating types of challenging behavior, how often they occur, and what negative impact the behavior problems produce, etc.)


Once we receive the referral, we will contact the client/family to request they answer some basic screening questions in order to help us understand if we believe we can help and if we can begin services right away or not.  Depending upon availability of a properly fitting professional for your family, you may be assigned to a waitlist.


In the event there are more clients than we can adequately serve at a given point in time, we will offer to put you on a waiting list for services.  During this time you are encouraged to still seek services from other qualified providers who may have an opening so that you can begin services as soon as possible.


In most cases, the assessment phase should last 30 days or less.  During this time, the behavior analyst will need to conduct at least a couple of visits with you.  In addition to visits, you will be asked to complete several behavioral questionnaires to help us better understand the context of challenging behavior, things that motivate your child, and much more. 


Our services are available to be provided in homes, schools, daycare programs, and office settings. If there are additional needs you have during community outings, please discuss this with your provider prior to services during the assessment period. The location of services needs to be justified based upon the needs of your child/your family and also our need to be able to provide a medically necessary service in such settings.


The length and duration of services which the behavior analyst will recommend must be based upon medical necessity.  Medical necessity is defined by your health insurer (insurance, Medicaid, etc.).  Your health insurer is the entity which provides us the authorization for our services and what length/duration we will be approved to provide.


Once the assessment is completed, the behavior analyst will develop a behavior intervention plan for your family.  The plan will include the assessment findings, therapy/treatment recommendations, along with goals, and other considerations for safely managing the child's behavior.  Your consent for these treatment recommendations is required.  Examples of treatments include, but are not limited to: functional communication training, problem solving skills, compliance programs, environmental supports, visual aides, priming, management of challenging behavior, and more.


In addition to data collection by our behavioral staff, parents/caregivers are also expected to collect data on their child's behavior in the home and community in order to help us measure improvements and ensure we are meeting behavioral objectives and goals.  To ease this burden, we offer HIPAA compliant electronic data collection which can be collected on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.


Although our behavioral providers may provide some direct therapy to your child, you also are encouraged and expected to participate in sessions and implement the behavioral interventions in the plan outside of sessions.  Please note, no-shows, late cancellations, and lack of data collection can lead to discontinuation of our behavioral services.