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Brittany Ayala (BCBA)

Brittany was first inspired to become an advocate for neurologically diverse individuals in 2006 after mentoring in the Best Buddies International Program. That rewarding experience led Brittany to pursue a career in enhancing the lives of individuals with developmental and neurological disabilities through Applied Behavior Analysis. Brittany earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Development at University of Central Florida, where she also earned her Master’s of Science degree in Early Childhood Development with a minor in Exceptional Education. She is certified as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, and certified in HIPAA, Abuse/Neglect Training, CPR & First Aid, and has obtained level 2 background screening clearance. At her time at the University of Central Florida, she was involved in the Delta Epsilon Iota Academic Honor Society and the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society. Brittany participated in community outreach programs at UCF including teaching at-risk parents to obtain their GED, implemented behavior strategies in Emotional/Behavioral Units and Autism Spectrum Disorder Units, as well as taught remedial reading classes for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other behavioral diagnoses.

Brittany has worked with children and adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, and other behavioral concerns. She strives to find ways to teach healthy alternatives to maladaptive behavior and maximize her clients’ potential to be successful in their environments. Brittany’s strategy when providing therapy is to maintain client dignity while targeting socially significant goals to enhance quality of life for the client and for the family as a whole.

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Michele Beauton (BCBA)

Michele Beauton has been a provider of behavioral services to both children and adults in a variety of home/residential and community settings (clinics, schools). Since 2014, she has gained experience in the development and implementation of behavior interventions plans directly with clients, participated as a member of a behavioral services peer review team, provided supervision to others seeking professional credentials with the Behavior Analyst Certification Board, and supervised the Registered Behavior Technician team with Novo Behavioral Services in the North Lake county area. Michele’s work is very appreciated by the Technicians and families she serves.

Michele’s educational background includes a bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Florida in Psychology in 2012, and a master’s degree from Nova Southeastern University in Counseling, with a Concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis, in 2016.


Mark Chambers (BCBA)

Mark's initial experience with behavior interventions was while employed as a Behavior Management Specialist for a non-profit agency serving at-risk youth in northern Indiana (1999).  Seeing firsthand the effectiveness of using behavioral approaches with children led to his pursuit of a career in behavior analysis.  He received his degree from Southern Illinois University's Behavior Analysis & Therapy program (2002), the world's first Behavior Analysis program. While there, he also conducted behavioral parent training to families involved with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, provided ABA therapy to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and conducted functional behavior assessments and functional communication training to adults with Developmental Disabilities.  Mark was very fortunate to do all of this under the guidance and supervision of Ruth Anne Rehfeldt, Ph.D., Mark Dixon, Ph.D., Brandon Greene, Ph.D., and Anthony Cuvo, Ph.D.

After leaving Illinois, Mark worked for 10 years in Memphis, TN (2002-2012).  His work there involved a continuation of service to children and adults with Autism/Developmental Disabilities and other behavioral health conditions, both as a practitioner and as a Behavior Analysis Supervisor for Behavioral Services of Tennessee.  In addition, Mark served as a regional behavior analyst for the Tennessee Division of Developmental Disabilities, providing technical support to ABA providers in West TN, peer reviews of behavior intervention plans, and consultation to ICF/DD homes in the area.

Since 2012, Mark has lived and worked in central Florida.  He served as the primary advisor for CNOW's development of behavioral data collection software for a project in which families with children with Autism would receive ABA via interactive telehealth videoconferencing.  All the while, similar to his experiences in Tennessee, Mark continued serving children and adults with behavioral challenges, helped teach behavior analysis to students as a co-instructor for ABA Technologies at the Florida Institute of Technology, and also worked briefly for the Florida Agency for Persons with Disabilities as an Area Behavior Analyst.


Nadia Chambers (BCBA)

Nadia has been working in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) since 2002, when she began volunteering in Tallahassee at an early intervention center for children with Autism implementing verbal behavior programs.  Nadia quickly developed a passion for the field after witnessing a child say his first word and the immense joy it brought to his family. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology (2004) from Florida State University, where she also earned her a Master’s degree (2006) in Psychology with an emphasis in Behavior Analysis.  While there, she participated in variety of research opportunities and presented at local and national conferences.  During this time she was taught and supervised by Jon Bailey, Ph.D. and Al Murphy, Ph.D.

Nadia has over 15 years experience providing ABA services in the home, school and group home settings including conducting functional assessments, developing and implementing function-based treatments for challenging behaviors and developing and implementing a variety of skill-acquisition procedures.  Nadia was able to gain extensive knowledge of early intervention and verbal behavior under the consultation of Vincent Carbone, Ph.D. Some of her specific areas of interest include verbal behavior, assessment and treatment of dangerous behaviors and staff training.

As a behavior analyst and administrator for Novo, Nadia is passionate about clinical quality assurance, developing systems to improve overall client experience, and implementing mentoring/supervision programs for the Novo team.


Amanda Farley (BCBA)

Amanda discovered her passion for the field of Applied Behavior Analysis while pursuing her bachelor's degree at the University of South Florida. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree with a minor in Applied Behavior Analysis under the supervision of Dr. Raymond Miltenberger in 2014; she then proceeded to earn her Master of Education degree with the Fundamentals of Applied Behavior Analysis at the University of Cincinnati in which she graduated with distinction in 2016.

Upon discovering her passion in 2012, Amanda began providing exceptional Behavior Analysis services to individuals diagnosed with various exceptionalities. She has impacted the lives of numerous children and families by implementing effective behavior intervention strategies designed to reduce severe maladaptive behaviors and increase appropriate alternative behaviors that display a social significance within today's society. In 2016, Amanda became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and received a Clinical Director position in which she provided exceptional supervision to individuals pursuing certification within the field of Applied Behavior Analysis and provided services to children with intellectual disabilities within a clinical setting. Amanda displays extensive experience with children who exhibit severe self-injurious behaviors, aggression, atypical tantrums, and property destruction. With a combination of intensive behavioral therapy that is supported by empirical research and extensive parent/caregiver training, Amanda has displayed tremendous success with the reduction of severe maladaptive behaviors while providing exceptional training to the child’s support team.

Amanda displays a genuine passion for the field of Applied Behavior Analysis and for the families that she has the opportunity to work with. She is ecstatic to be joining the Novo Behavioral Services team who seeks to improve the quality of life of persons in need of behavioral services through the implementation of programs rooted in the science of behavior analysis through a team approach including behavioral professionals as well as parents and other natural caregivers.

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Brittany Forbes (BCBA)

Brittany started in the field as an intern for a company in Syracuse, NY, in 2010. She first fell in love with the field while in Syracuse when she was able to see how the work that was being done not only impacted the child but the family as a whole. Over the past 8 years she has worked in home, schools and residential placements. She graduated with bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Spanish Language and Literature from Syracuse University (2011) and with her master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from Simmons College (2013). She is most interested in severe behavior problems, behavior assessments, parent training and verbal behavior. She has 6 years of experience working with individuals who exhibit severe behavior problems across a wide range of diagnoses.